Spotlight on Our Security Features- Part 2

In the second post in our ‘spotlight’ series, we put three more essential security techniques under the magnifying glass, to highlight how our documents and information are protected against fraud and counterfeit attempts.

 Security Technology
Biometric data is one of the most comprehensively secure formats available for verification purposes


Optical Memory Cards

We use optical memory cards because they can store a large amount of digital data, and this makes them extremely handy for use as secure ID cards. Many of Nikuv’s clients are utilizing this technology because the cards can store fingerprints, facial images and a wide variety of transactional data. The cards are very durable, they can store approximately 3 Megabytes of data, are machine-readable, and include the most counterfeit-resistant security design features to prevent alteration of data and fraudulent reproduction. The data is loaded in an irreversible manner, each card can be customized to meet specific needs, and the reading hardware is uniquely matched to the cards.

Biometric Data

Biometric data is one of the most comprehensively secure formats available for verification purposes. The kind of information that is used for security purposes includes fingerprints, iris scans, palmprints and facial photos. When paired with demographic data about a person, such as your name, age, address and phone number, it provides highly reliable details. Our identification products, for example, enable governmental bodies to instantly verify the identity of a biometric card holder at any time, at any place in the world, using a paperless process.


WORM (which stands for ‘write once read many’) is a data storage device which ensures that once information is written it cannot be modified. When integrated into data products, this is an important security feature that prevents fraud across a range of industries. What it means is that data cannot be altered, tampered with in any way, or accidentally removed. The WORM feature is popular with large corporations and government agencies alike, due to its simple, yet efficient and robust applications.