Nikuv – Who Are We?

Founded over 40 years ago, Nikuv has become a state of the art Information Technology company, relevant today more than ever.


Managing Populations - NikuvIn the time that Nikiv has been operating, the world has made massive advances in technology. Nikuv applies its extensive, real world experience and top-level technologies to providing civil management solutions for developing nations.


The advanced products it develops allow governments to modernize their services to citizens by providing faster, more organized and more accountable ways of processing information and issuing official documents, such as ID cards and passports.


Managing Populations

One of the most challenging aspects of civil management is the sheer volume of data that needs to be collected and classified. This is especially difficult in rural and fast changing populations. In order to set appropriate policy and plan accordingly, governmental offices must record and register every major life cycle event, including: birth, death, marriage and divorce.

Additionally, there are other events and activities that governments must regulate and keep track of such as licenses for drivers and motor vehicles, immigration and work permits.


Fully Integrated Modular Solutions

Nikuv’s IT solutions include civil population management, ID cards, border security systems and passports, among others.


Fully Integrated Modular Solutions - Nikuv



• Birth and death registration, border control and visa issuance, divorce and marriage can all be recorded electronically and stored for easy reference in a government database

• State-of-the art printing methods allow the issuance of official tamper proof ID cards in real time, even in remote areas

• Passport printing complies with all international standards and security requirements

• Biometric card issuance and bio-enrollment to government programs are available

• All government offices are integrated under a comprehensive solution and use the same database, allowing for accurate and consistent service

• The system is modular so can be adapted to the specific needs of any country


Nikuv’s goal is to take every administrative service provided by government to new levels of professionalism and efficiency. Nikuv is at the forefront of encouraging these improvements in governmental services around the world.


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